Computer Numerical Control (CNC) tube bending machines, in which the operator loads a software program that informs the machine of the correct bend radii, bend angle, and other variables, are a popular choice with metal fabricators. Older, out of warranty CNC bending machines may be mechanically sound, but can be made significantly more productive, and reliable, by retrofitting modern, 21st century control software.

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Bending Machine Control Software

Many CNC bending machines, including those that are by no means obsolete in mechanical terms, are still controlled by software that was originally written for a previous generation of CNC machines. Consequently, creating, editing and sharing technical data and programs between machines is often complicated.

By contrast, modern control software, written specifically for CNC tube bending machines, allows bending programs to be created offline, rather than input directly into the bending machine. Phenix MORE Control, which can be retrofitted to any CNC bending machine, regardless of its age, not only optimises the programming process, but also offers a pulse frequency ten times faster than older, inferior control software.

All CNC bending machines allow complex manufactured components, with multiple bends, to be created quickly and easily. However, as components become smaller, radii tighter and walls thinner, modern control software such as Phenix MORE Control further increases the precision, consistency and profitability of the tube and pipe bending process still further. Phenix MORE Control features a simple, user-friendly interface, which allows even inexperienced operators to produce high-quality results.

Preventative Maintenance

Corrective maintenance, following breakdown or malfunction, is invariably more expensive than preventative maintenance. However, modern bending control software, including Phenix MORE Control, features remote and on-site diagnostics, which allows managers to monitor operations in real time. Preventative maintenance can be performed as a planned activity, keeping your tube bending machine working at maximum productivity and reducing long-term maintenance costs.

Future Proofing Your CNC Hardware

As long as spare parts are available, equipping an old, out-of-date machine so that it can, once again, provide full production capability, is as simple as retrofitting the appropriate control software. Replacing unsupported, out of date control software with a state-of-the-art product, such as Phenix MORE Control, future proofs your existing machine – whether old or new – and protects your investment. Call us today to find out more.

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