A tube bending machine is an important investment. Crucial to automotive, aerospace, hydraulic, and medical manufacturing industries, the quality of the bend defines the quality of the service that your company is able to deliver. Despite this, mistakes are often made. Here are five of the most risky.

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1) Choosing A Machine Based On Price Rather Than Type

Budgets are crucial, but they are just one of many important factors when it comes to choosing a tube bending machine. When price alone is allowed to dominate the decision-making process, the result is usually a low-cost, underpowered machine that ends up being a money pit due to lost clients and inadequate work. A better strategy is to start by outlining the size and shape of the parts that you need to bend. Then, work backwards to calculate the budget you need.

2) Buying A Machine To Bend At Capacity

Buying a machine with the intention of bending a tube at its maximum capacity always ends in trouble. This is because the strategy does not take into account the need for variable tolerance. The difference in tolerances between different grades of steel are considerable, so invest in a machine that gives you 10% and 20% leeway. This means that the CNC tube bending machine is rarely forced to work to capacity, and offers the potential of extending the performance range.

3) Purchasing A Fully-Manual Machine For High-Intensity Labour

Purchasing a labour-intensive machine with manual settings can result in additional costs. The time taken to adjust the stops for the angle of bends, length, and rotational positioning quickly adds up. Machines that use technology automate much of the process, freeing up valuable minutes.

4) Purchasing A Machine Without Back-Up Training

Tube bending requires a deep knowledge of the machine. Training is therefore crucial to successful engineering. Furthermore, training and support enables companies to achieve the best performance from their pipe bending machines. Partnering with a company that supplies specialist operator training, support, and back up means that productivity and efficiency can be optimised.

5) Assuming That A New Machine Has All Of The Answers

Today’s fully-electric pipe bending machines have advanced precision capabilities. However, older, hydraulic machines can be retrofitted with advanced software to bring them up to a similar specification to new electric models. To avoid spending unnecessary money, weigh up the costs and benefits of retrofitting before investing in a fully electric new machine.

Next Steps

Before you purchase a new or refurbished pipe bending machine, or upgrade your old equipment, speak to us about how to secure the best value for money. We provide a wide range of quality refurbished equipment, alongside the newest models with the latest software. Please visit our website to view our current stock, or call 01782 953096 to discuss your requirements.

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