Pipe bending machines are essential in the manufacturing industry to form precise or complex shapes that otherwise would be challenging or time-consuming to achieve. However, as with any equipment in the workplace, good practice and care is necessary to ensure the safety of all who operate the machinery and to mitigate any potential dangers or risks to the wellbeing of the operator – even more so when the machine is purchased used.

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Best practice starts with ensuring that a policy and schedule is in place for the routine checking and maintenance of the used pipe bending machine. Without this, the risk to your employees is increased.

When using a pipe bending machine, it’s important to observe the following rules:

1) Regularly check the pipe bender for any defects or visible damage. This should be done every time the equipment is used.

2) If a defect or damage is spotted, the machine must be taken out of service immediately until a repair has been completed.

3) Check that the roller shafts are correctly pinned, and the bending die is positioned appropriately.

4) Hands should always be kept away from the bending die while pipe bending is in process.

5) A CNC tube bending machine must have a perimeter barrier on three sides, with pressure mats to ensure that individuals cannot move close to the machinery while in operation. Alternatively, a safety light curtain or adjustable laser scanner provides more effective protection in the workspace.

6) Ensure that safety and warning labels are present, intact and visible. These provide vital information and reminders to users.

7) Ideally, all users should have received supervised training in the use of pipe bending machinery to ensure their competence and awareness of safety measures. Users should also have read the instruction manual and been alerted to the safety warning labels attached to the equipment.

Health & Safety Risks

Failure to adhere to simple safety procedures could lead to avoidable accidents that could cause serious or life-changing injuries. Furthermore, equipment failures or sudden service issues with the machinery can be problematic to the manufacturing process, affecting the production schedule and causing unwanted interruptions or delays that could be costly.

However, as well as following these, effective maintenance can help to keep pipe bending equipment in good working order and give early warnings about defects or safety risks that arise.

Phenix MORE

Phenix MORE is a sophisticated and powerful control system that offers many advantages over older maintenance systems, bringing your pipe and tube bending machines back to their full capacity, reducing the number of service issues and providing greater profitability and synchronisation to your manufacturing business. To find out more, please give us a call today.

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