Pipe bending machines are indispensable in manufacturing, providing a cost-effective, accurate and efficient method to manipulate materials. While a used machine may be a more affordable solution for the smaller business, it is vital to check it thoroughly when it is first introduced into the manufacturing process as, unlike a brand new machine, it may have existing wear and tear to components. Also, it should be assessed more regularly once in use, as parts may need replacing at an earlier stage to maintain the pipe bending machine’s effectiveness and safe operation.

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The efficient operation of a used pipe bending machine can be made more likely if some straightforward and inexpensive steps are taken as part of a planned maintenance schedule for your equipment:

1) While it may cause inconvenience to take a pipe bending machine out of service, failing to anticipate mechanical problems that later require a specialist repair can be more costly. Following a service schedule increases the chance that problems can be identified early, such as excessive wear of key components, and these could be remedied while the service is carried out. Ignoring or failing to spot problems could lead to more serious and expensive complications in the future.

2) The pipe bending machine should be kept indoors in a dry area, avoiding humidity, to enable the micro-electronics to work effectively. Always clean the machine in-between uses.

3) During maintenance, use the right type of hydraulic oil to keep the internal components from seizing. The hydraulic oil should be replaced at least once a year. Never use brake fluid as this could cause damage to the machine.

4) If the high-pressure hose becomes dirty or contaminated, this will prevent the machine from working efficiently. Always ensure both ends are clean before use.

5) Install a control system, such as Phenix MORE, to provide your maintenance manager with up-to-date and accurate information about the condition of the pipe bending machine so that problems can be identified and rectified at the earliest opportunity.

Benefits Of Phenix MORE

Phenix MORE can assist you to maintain the running of your pipe bending equipment smoothly and without unpredictable and costly service issues. The in-built diagnostic checker can identify faults and provide you with detailed information so you can plan for servicing or repair work, rather than having to put the machine out of action for periods, affecting workflow and impacting on profitability.

As most of the Phenix MORE control components are classified as ‘solid state’, in the event of failure they can be replaced swiftly, often no longer than the time it takes to change a light bulb. This means the pipe bending machine can be returned to service quickly, causing minimal disruption to the manufacturing process. If maintenance staff are not available, further diagnostics and repair information can be accessed online, so a technician’s visit is not always required.

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