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'Solve Problems, Develop Solutions and Shape success'

Have you unwittingly suffered from these five time-wasting, expensive problems with your out of warranty CNC tube bending machine/s costing you a fortune in lost; turnover, lost profits and lost personal cash?

  1. Failed HMI Touch screen controller?
  2. Failed out of date 20th century technology and software?
  3. Failed out of warranty, obsolete electronics?
  4. Expensive service engineer cost?
  5. Suffering from tension, anxiety, and stress all because of a failed CNC controller, on your out of warranty tube bending machines that are no longer fit for purpose?

Phenix MORE Controls

People Who Solve Problems, Develop Solutions & Shape Success!

  • Ticking all the right boxes. ‘We deliver’ High Performance, Profitable Solutions. Making it easy for you to up-grade your tube bending machines with the most advanced 21st century CNC technology specifically designed and developed for CNC tube bending machines.
  • We know that running a tube manipulation business means dealing with the unexpected. You need reliable support and back up that works with you at these important times.
  • All too often, CNC tube bending machines are discarded for the simple reason of no support for old often proprietary control systems hardware and software.
  • Most often mechanical parts: bearings, bushes, linkages, gears, ball-screws, and hydraulics are easily repaired or replaced. ‘But electronics are not’

See what is possible when you up-grade to:

Phenix MORE Controls

  • Why we are different – ‘We deliver’ innovative bespoke solutions – Better built to take the load – Fully supported by time served engineers fluent in CNC tube bending.
  • Knowing the weakness and shortcomings of most CNC controllers, our high speed, and reliable 21st Century Phenix MORE Control/s exceeds by miles the old out-dated and slow systems and can bring your machines back-up to full production capability.
  • Complete peace of mind. Saving you loads of time and money, unleashing an extra 10+ years of valuable production life! We have the features and flexibility to accommodate any existing bending machine with any number of CNC axes, be-it a standalone machine or integrated with robot load/unload and other work-cell apparatus.
  • So, you can up-grade and buy with confidence, Phenix MORE Controls. They work harder, faster, and longer to boost your production and profits.

What are you waiting for..?

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Direct cell: +44(0)7776 213919 – Sales office: +44(0)1782 953096

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