Hello, Fellow Professionals

Production Managers and Directors

Does this sound familiar:

You have invested hundreds of thousands purchasing a:

New CNC tube bending machine and tooling.

All is well whilst it is shiny and new.

But just a few short years later problems start, you begin to experience:

*Dead touch screens

*Out of date software

*Little or no support or backup!

*Trouble recalling and editing your bend programmes

*Customers having to wait longer for deliveries

*Cashflow problems

There is a Solution;

Take control and join other professionals to:

Maximise your (ROI) return on investment

You and I know the weakness and shortcomings of most out of warranty CNC tube bending machine control systems. But now you can take control and unleash an extra 10+ years of profitable productive return from your investment!

By Up-Grading to 21st Century

Phenix MORE Controls

All too often CNC tube bending machines are discarded for the simple reason of no support for old often proprietary control systems hardware and software. Most often mechanical parts: bearings, bushes, linkages, gears, ball-screws, and hydraulics are easily repaired or replaced.

BUT Electronics are NOT!

Phenix. Delivers and Exceeds by miles the old out of date systems.

We have Advanced Features and Flexibility to up-grade any existing CNC tube bending machines with any number of CNC axes. Phenix works harder, faster, and longer bringing your current CNC tube bending machines back-up to full production capability saving you time and loads of money.

For complete peace of mind

Up-Grade to Phenix MORE Controls

Fully supported by fellow Phenix Professionals

Fluent in CNC tube bending machines

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