What should I buy

New or Used?

Tube Bending Machines

Your choice of tube bending machine, and its condition, has a significant impact on your long-term capabilities and output. When it comes to CNC Tube bending machines, there are several variables that can help you make an informed choice.

Buying New

New machines can be a worthwhile investment, although they are expensive, and can take considerable delivery time, 3 to 6 months is not unusual. When choosing a new machine, take care to add up all the hidden running costs, as well as the more obvious ones. For instance, after sales support and on-going operator training are crucial to getting the most out of your machine, so ensure that these are included in the financing.

Buying Used

Second-hand machines are ideal for many organisations. CNC Tube bending machines are mechanically durable and available immediately. With good care and continued investment, these continue performing well beyond the original warranty. A tried and tested machine often costs five or six times less than its new equivalent, maximising your return on investment. Running costs are about the same or often less than new. To ensure that you have explored the best options always purchase your used machine from a reputable company that specialises in tube bending machines.

The Second-Hand Wildcard

The wildcard is whether the machine has been properly maintained and serviced. Often, machines are sold second hand by private individuals / companies because they have been neglected to the point that they have developed problems. These flaws are then inherited by the new owner. To avoid this difficulty, work with an experienced supplier with a proven track record of thoroughly checking used machines to a high standard prior to them being sold and, that they offer an aftersales warranty

The Value of purchasing from a Reputable Company

When buying second-hand CNC pipe bending machines, always select one that has been thoroughly checked by experts. Always insist on a live or remote (Zoom style) demonstration. This offers the reassurance that the equipment will work with both efficiency and reliability. To ensure that you are receiving the machinery and service that you are paying for, look at the quality standards, longevity, and pedigree of the supplier.

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