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FOR GREATER EFFICIENCY - Fewer steps to the finished workpiece: With t project you can see all the variables of the bending process before you start the production. Adapted to the material and collision-free, it makes it possible to plan and execute complex bending geometries.

The virtual bending simulation determines exact bending timings and cutting lengths; it also tests tube geometries in advance for feasibility. Tube data and bending results are documented with accuracy and they can then be replicated 100%. All the most common interfaces are available for the import and export of data and connection to BDE or ERP over the network.

A FREE demo version of our t project software can show you the benefits of software-supported tube processing. Request a copy now.

t project Professional

Input and calculation of tube processes, including collision testing;

  • Same basic features as t project Basic
  • Any necessary extensions are calculated automatically
  • Additional production safety: the collision test will determine the feasibility of the tube geometry before the actual bending process, which prevents collisions with the machine itself or its surroundings
  • The software will suggest alternative options in case of predicted collisions
  • The software will take all the measurements for the collision test from the CAD model of the bending machine
  • Surrounding features in the room can also be included in the collision test (pillars, shelves, floor etc.)
  • It is also possible to run simulations with tubes that already have flanges or other forming features.

t project Basic

  • Input and calculation of tube processes
  • Direct conversion of isometrics into bending data
  • Automatically calculates correction values and over-bending parameters
  • The size of the room's diagonal allows the operator to easily and manually control the bent workpiece
  • Some of the software's import interfaces are „Iges“, „STEP“, „JT“ or „PCF“ as connection to CAD, measuring devices and/or Office programs

t project Draft

Tablet version for mobile use

  • Tube data can be entered manually anywhere, for instance by the workpiece or on the building site with the mobile tablet version
  • Data can be sent remotely to the production department and more tube geometries can be recorded at the workplace

t Project PM-N

Project management software

  • Coordination, monitoring and tracking of the production processes when manufacturing tubes
  • Preparation of workplans, job tickets, labels, saw/cutting lists

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