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Plymouth, United Kingdom


Dural CNC Budget Priced Tube & Pipe Bending Machines  

Great value machines. Designed and built to work harder, faster, and longer to boost your production and profits providing High Performance, Profitable Solutions, at a very affordable investment.

Complete with the features required to manufacture quality, accurate and repeatable 3D tubular parts from this quality production machine.

Options include: single stack - Multi-stack - Variable radius (roll bending) and Automatic Tube Punching to name just a few...

Family of six machines, capable of bending tube sizes:

  • 32mm/od x 2mm/wt
  • 38mm/od x 2mm/wt
  • 51mm/od x 3mm/wt
  • 60mm/od x 3mm/wt
  • 76mm/od x 4mm/wt
  • 90mm/od x 4mm/wt

  • High speed, High Tech’ CNC user-friendly touch screen Controls.
  • Simulation function – Check your parts before going into full production mode.
  • Network ready – Quick and easy to recall programmes from machines memory and or from your network.
  • Quick and easy to link to most CAD systems to transfer 3D programmes direct to your new machines HMI.
  •  Enter cartesian coordinates XYZ and automatically convert to YBC machine language.
  • Pressure die assist.
  • Mandrel extraction system
  • Mandrel lubrication system
  • Wiper die bracket
  • Full two year parts and labour warranty
  • Installation, commissioning and full operator training can be arranged
  • A full specification and quotation up on request - Just let me know the the machine size that will best fit your project needs.


ModelBudget priced CNC tube bending machines