Dural 6 station tube end forming machine

Dural 6 station tube end forming machine

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Dural up to 6 station tube end forming machine

A semi-automatic 60mm/od x 3mm/wt axial end forming machine

Capable of being able to: Expand, reduce, flare, bead the end of tube

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Features and Benefits

  • Ideal machine for the forming of complex geometries and fast tool changing. The tool sequence is positioned horizontally by a servo motor. With up to 6 forming steps.
  • A touch panel with integrated data storage is used for operation. Machine parameters and specific machining sequences can be managed here.

Technical Details

Max. end forming capability: 60 x 3 mm

Stroke (mm): 180

Speed (Sec.): 4

Length (mm): 1800

Total power: 7.5 HP

Machine dimensions: 2500x450x1100 mm (h)

Weight (kg): 800

Customise your tube end former with the following optional features:

  • Servo-electric control of forming axis
  • Up to an additional 6 forming steps
  • Micro-lubrication system
  • Tool coding

Dural Axial machines are a very user friendly and robustly engineered machines with excellent technical capabilities.

With these quality high performance machines you will take your production to a new high level. With minimal investment helping you to quickly transform your projects into reality giving you an unfair advantage over your competitors to win new profitable business.