Transfluid REB632-Axial

Transfluid REB632-Axial

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Transfluid REB Axial Multi-Station Tube End Forming Machine. Family of four sizes:

  • REB 4204 - 20mm/od - compression power 64 kN
  • REB 6326 - 32mm/od - compression power 98 kN
  • REB 6456 - 45mm/od - compression power 147kN
  • REB 6606 - 60mm/od - compression power 240kN

Customer-specific: compression force of up to 1,300 kN

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Choose a stand-alone machine or a fully automatic production cell. They work harder, faster, and longer to boost your production and profits!

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal machine for the forming of complex geometries and fast tool changing. The tool sequence is positioned horizontally or vertically by a servo motor. With up to 6 forming steps and additional clamping units, virtually any requirement can be satisfied. Rotary stations can be integrated for specific forming.
  • A touch panel with integrated data storage is used for operation. Machine parameters and specific machining sequences can be managed here.
  • Optionally, Transfluid® fits these systems with either electric or hydraulic numeric drives. If the requirement is for extremely short cycle times, these forming procedures can be carried out sequentially in transfer systems.

Customise your tube end former with the following optional features:

  • Servo-electric control of forming axis
  • Up to an additional 6 forming steps
  • Supplementary clamping device
  • Micro-lubrication system
  • Tool coding
  • Tool recognition
  • Loading and positioning of components

Often copied but never equalled. Transfluid REB Axial machines are a very user friendly and effective engineered machines with excellent technical capabilities. unparalleled in performance.

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