Transfluid SRM Rotary Tube End Forming Machines

Transfluid SRM Rotary Tube End Forming Machines

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Features and Benefits:

All the options in one single machine:

  • forming,
  • cutting,
  • post compound-bending / cutting,
  • threading. 

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Our rotational technology increase the possibilities of forming on tubes with minimal expenditure on tools. All the drives are servo-electric by design and, if needed, CNC-operated. In our SRM type forming machines, all the settings are preloaded, so there is no longer any need for costly adjustments. 

Different tool variants further expand the processing possibilities for chip-less cutting or post-compound bending / cutting. The machines can produce internal and external profiles and can also roll in synchronicity thanks to a special tool head (inside/outside)

Family of four machine sizes:

  • SRM 6224–22 mm Ø
  • SRM 156515–65 mm Ø
  • SRM 4012740–127.3 mm Ø
  • SRM 5017650–176 mm Ø

Equipment options:

  • Processing unit with radial and axial servo-electric advancement
  • Roll-forming unit with push bending through CNC-control
  • Ejector for controlled unloading of the tube
  • Flaring optional
  • Micro-lubrication systems
  • Coded tools
  • Belt filter system

Often copied but never equalled. Transfluid combination machines are a very user friendly and effective engineered machines with excellent technical capabilities. unparalleled in performance.

With these quality machines you will take your performance to a new high level. With minimal investment helping you to quickly transform your projects into reality giving you an unfair advantage over your competitors to win new profitable business.