Transfluid Combination Multi-Station tube endforming machine

Transfluid Combination Multi-Station tube endforming machine

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Transfluid Combination Multi-station tube end forming machines. We have married the benefits of axial and rotary tube end forming to bring you a full combination machine. This combination enables you to trim tubes before axial forming and have rolling processes.

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See what is possible… One machine, many benefits

Combination machines combine the forming benefits of axial and rotary forming methods in one clamping process. This combination minimises set-up times providing the best possible results. Double clamping unit makes even extreme forming feasible in one work sequence:

Customise your Combination forming machine with optional extra including:

  • Cutting before the axial tube forming.
  • Roll-forming of a pre-formed geometry, saving valuable time.
  • Axial and roll-forming.
  • Up to 6 axial forming steps, two roll-forming stations, two powered tool holders for flange orientation and an additional clamping unit.
  • The horizontal clamping system makes the processing of bent tube geometries possible.
  • Roll-forming unit with free-form function and CNC control
  • Additional clamping units
  • Micro-spray system
  • Automatic release
  • Addition of external workpieces
  • Positioning of the flaring/workpieces with servo-electric rotation of the tools
  • Holder for rotating tools (deburring, bevelling, facing, rolling)

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