Transfluid tube bending machines for Attachments & Fittings

Transfluid tube bending machines for Attachments & Fittings

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High Performance - Profitable Solutions

Transfluid - World leading manufacturers of CNC tube bending machines

Often copied never beaten

Family of three types:

Hydraulic - Hybrid - All Electric

Featuring the leading - t Project Software - To Out-Pace All Others - Used by Professionals.

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Bespoke Solutions - Built to meet your exact requirements, chose a standalone machine or Fully Automated Production Cell. Tube bending, End forming, Punching, Handling, Optical inspection / measuring, automatic loading, and handling. Fully functioning production cells that work harder, faster, and longer to boost your production and profits!

Unfair Advantage: Low-cost labour is no longer the value it once appeared to be. Staying close to your market, managing shorter, leaner deliveries gives you an ‘Unfair Advantage’ over your competitors whilst you remain flexible and agile in the face of ever-changing market conditions. 

It’s the Way Forward - See what is possible...

Transfluid – World Leaders in standalone or Fully Automated Production Cells:-

Compound Bending – End Forming – Fully Automatic Handling. Optical Inspection / Measuring – Washing – Seam detection – Print Marking each part. Cutting Costs – Boosting Profits – Consistent quality – Accurate Tubular Parts

Space Saving – Small footprint – All Electric – Flatten ends – punch – auto-load – Bend – auto-off load and stack

Space Saving – Small Footprint – Cost Cutting – Profit Boosting