ADM Electra-Bend-100-HD-HS-Mandrel Centre-line Boost CNC

ADM Electra-Bend-100-HD-HS-Mandrel Centre-line Boost CNC

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Nearly New ADM-EB100-CNC Hybrid A Heavy Duty / High Speed CENTRELINE-BOOST CNC Mandrel Tube Bending Machine

Capable of bending tube sizes up to: 100mm/od x 10mm/wt.

The bend head will be rotated to the conventional right to left bending process.

Built by Adaptive Motion USA for Tennaco Walker ($850,000 USD when new) to bend ‘Air-Gap’ parts – a tube within a tube. up to 4”od.

The gap between the tubes was filled with lots of lead ball bearings prior to bending, removed after bending leaving an equal air gap space between inner and outer tubes. Bending upwards to prevent ball bearings contaminating the bend head.

Please note: Head will be rotated to bend traditional right / left prior to delivery if preferred.

Comes complete with:

  • ADM-Electra-Bend 100-CNC Hybrid
  • A very powerful Electra Bend High Speed Mandrel tube bending machine.
  • All critical axes are ‘Electric’ and controlled via the Phenix CNC Control.
  • Powered Pressure die assist
  • Direct acting pressure die – servo controlled
  • Hydraulic direct acting clamp – servo controlled
  • Hydraulic mandrel extraction
  • Automatic mandrel lubrication

To minimise setup time and scrap material. The Direct-Acting Clamp, Pressure Die and Pressure-Die-Assist (Follower) are fully closed-loop CNC axes and feature no mechanical screw-adjusters, hydraulic flow controls or manual hydraulic pressure adjusters.

Following a tooling changeover, the Clamp and Pressure-Die are able to “Learn” their respective “closed” positions and will decelerate to these positions to help minimise wear and tear. Furthermore, these actuators are fully coordinated. The advancing Y-axis carriage is synchronised with the opening of the Clamp to help minimise cycle-time. Also, the Pressure-Die and Clamp do not have to wait for completion of Y & B axis motion prior to closing. The Pressure-Die-Assist (Follower) is synchronised with the C-axis bending arm, based on the bending die’s CLR. However, during the bending cycle, the actual velocity and force, exerted by the PDA, can be user-profiled. This feature provides total control of this critical tube-forming component. The C-axis features a closed-loop AC Vector-Drive motor, directly coupled to a NORD helical-bevel gear-reducer. The Y-axis carriage positioning and Push-Assist features a closed-loop AC Vector-Drive, directly coupled to a Nord gear-reducer. Linear motion is via twin rack & pinions.

Excellent Condition – Available Immediately

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A live or remote demonstration can be arranged and is recommended.

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An ideal machine for bending thin wallInconel – Titanium – Stainless steel tube x 1D/clr
An ideal machine for bendingthin wall Inconel – Titanium – Stainless steel tube x 1D/clr
C/wPOB ‘Y’ axis Centreline Boost