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The Caro-CellTM system offers both speed and versatility for many types of tube forming applications. Multi-station design offers reduced cycle time and also eliminates the number of machines needed to product parts.

Caro-CellTM Advantage

Adaptive Motion Caro-CellTM Tube Processing Systems combine industry leading technology with a rotary-style collet system. The result is a machine that maximizes production output by simultaneously delivering parts to each forming station with great speed precision.

Bending Abilities

Caro-Cell’s production potential is apparent in the eight-collet bender design as shown in these photos. The six-station unit produces a six-bend part every three seconds. It may be tooled to perform both rotary draw and compression bends.

Tooling packages such as this semi cylindric bend die and collet stabilizer cradle illustrate the adaptability of the Caro-Cell

Compression bending is performed at this station by utilizing the motor-driven carriage to feed material into the nearly 180 degree bend.

Multi-Processing Abilities

Each station may be customised to perform an individual application process such as bending, sheering, cutting, punching, end-forming, etc. Simply, the Caro-Cell offers an array of simultaneous production steps – all in one machine.

System Integration

Caro-Cell systems are often used on a high-speed basis and it is often necessary to incorporate other automation means, such as load and unload devices to achieve full output potential.

Adaptive Motion has all of the capabilities to provide such devices. Integrated systems such as tube-debundlers, various styles of loaders, seam-detection units, unloaders and robots are available for implementation with a Caro-Cell System.

Available Models

Adaptive Motion offers a variety of Caro-Cell models that may be tailored to your company’s production needs. Available models are capable of processing both round and non-rounded tube in a vast range of lengths, diameters and gauges.

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