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Phenix MORE software packages are at the forefront of bending machines automation and control. Phenix software is developed by experienced tube bending specialist's that have been there and done it. Programming is very intuitive and file import and export can be performed directly with all major CAD design software.

We make it easy for you to up-grade your tube bending department with the very latest CNC technology.

Why we are different… Innovative bespoke solutions – Better built to take the load – You can buy with confidence.

Choose a stand-alone machine up-grade solution or we can up-grade your fully automatic production cell. Phenix can work harder, faster, and longer to boost your production and profits!

See what is possible…

Choose the low cost option and Up-Grade your current out of warranty CNC tube bending machine/s

We know that running a tube manipulation business means dealing with the unexpected. You need reliable support and back up that works with you at these important times.

Craig Webster head of our development team say’s:

All too often, CNC tube bending machines are discarded for the simple reason of no support for old often proprietary control systems hardware and software.

Most often mechanical parts; bearings, bushes, linkages, gears, ball-screws and hydraulics are easily repaired or replaced BUT, electronics are not! Knowing the weakness and shortcomings of most old out of warranty control systems, you can now unleash an extra 10 to 20 years of profitable production life!

Phenix - MORE Control exceeds by miles the old out of date systems, and can bring your current machines back-up to full production capability saving you time and money.

All CNC tube bending machines work perfectly when they are shiny and new… Soon, however, just 5 to 6 years down the line when the touch screens start to fail and spare parts are no longer available or will cost a fortune to replace… This is when problems usually start piling up.

Just when you’re in the middle of a very important job… What to do next..? Who can you rely on..? There are very few options…!

Now, today is a good time to take control and join the hundreds of CNC tube bending professionals from all over the UK, Europe and the World who have taken control and up-graded to 21st century digital. Phenix MORE Control/s

Today, we have the features and flexibility to up-grade any existing bending machine with any number of CNC axes, be-it a standalone machine or part of a fully functioning production cell with robot load/off load and other production-cell apparatus.

Here are some of the CNC tube bending machines that Craig project managed, including specials with handling upgraded and gave them an extra 10 to 20 years lease of life:

  • Arena
  • Adaptive Motion
  • Addison
  • BEMA
  • BLM
  • Chiyoda
  • Crippa
  • CSM
  • Criterion
  • Eaton Leonard
  • Eagle
  • Eurobend
  • Herber
  • Keins
  • Lang
  • Macri
  • MiiC
  • Pedrazzoli
  • PICO
  • Pines
  • Pulzer
  • Schwarze-Robitec
  • Schwarze Wirtz
  • Transfluid
  • Trumpf Pulzer
  • SOCO
  • Unison
  • YLM

Phenix MORE Control - Made Simple

Superior CNC and NC Controls Packed with State of the Art Technology. Imagine, you’re in the middle of a major tube bending production job.

Your customer is relying on you to fill their order on time.

Something happens and your HMI (Human Machine Interface) CNC Touch Screen Controller fails and you can no longer recall programmes or make changes.

Your once powerful machine is dead…!

A dead HMI / touch screen / Faulty electronics / No support or backup for your old HMI’s. – You are on your own…!

Phenix Design Goals - User Friendly in Mind

What happens next...?

Choice No: 1

Telephone the machine makers and ask for help, arrange for an expensive engineer that specialises in the complicated and old fashioned DOS or MS Windows platforms to visit, wait for days possibly weeks for an engineer to be available. Then be charged hundreds or possibly thousands of pounds sterling for a new touch-screen and other spare parts plus the engineer’s time.

Choice No: 2

Replace the machine. Expensive, long delivery time plus you might need to retool, and your customer is not happy.

Choice No: 3

Find a sub-contractor to continue your bending. Again expensive and little or no profit in it for you. You also risk losing the contract with your customer especially if the quality is not up to your standard.

Choice No: 4

Plan ahead and up-grade your out of warranty CNC tube bending machines with the ‘State of the Art’ Phenix MORE Control CNC Controller and Software. Why..? let’s take a look… Scroll down

Now, let’s imagine you’ve up-graded your machines to the 21st Century system Phenix MORE Control. Somewhere down the road an accident occurs and the HMI is damaged in some way and you are left with a blank screen.

What happens next..?

Simple, visit your local computer supplier and purchase a compatible Android device. Enter in to the device your unique email address provided when you up-graded to Phenix MORE Control. All of your machine’s parameter’s, software and all of your programmes have automatically been saved to a cloud account and will immediately start to populate your new device. Within a short time you’re back in business!

Have you lost any production time whilst you purchase a new Android device?

NO, your machine doesn’t need the HMI to continue to work. The machine pedestal is all that is required to continue production.

An alternative solution is to enter your unique email address into your Android mobile phone and all of your machine’s parameter’s, software and programmes will download so you can continue.

Cost for replacement parts around £50 to £100.

A good dilemma to have… – Say goodbye to:

Expensive engineer’s time, expensive touch screens and other parts, no more cooling fans sucking in dust and foreign bodies that can damage old 20th century PC HMI’s.

No need to think about replacing your machine.

No need to consider finding a sub-contractor.

Moral to this story:

For your own peace of mind, Future Proof all of Your out of warranty CNC tube bending machines before problems start.

We make it easy for you to learn how Phenix MORE controls can make your CNC tube bending machines work; harder, faster, longer, better and more accurate.

Are you ready to up-grade?

Still not sure?

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