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Phenix = MORE Control

Today, we have the features and flexibility to up-grade any existing bending machine with any number of CNC axes, be-it a standalone machine or part of a fully functioning production cell with robot load/off load and other production-cell apparatus.

Phenix – We have developed the perfect solution to help you and your company become more: productive and profitable!

Latest Blog Articles

Prototype First and Foremost

Transfluid - We Help You get it Right Transfluid has significantly expanded its prototyping facility. Furnished with all the latest  high-tech systems necessary to support customers new product dev...

Transfluid Service and Support

Transfluid machines are used by companies from every corner of the world and from every industry. We pride ourselves on having developed solutions for the most demanding of tube processing challen...

Transfluid t Project Robot Bending Made Easy

Transfluid t Project Robot Bending Made EasyMore freedom for tube manipulation: For better bending, we have simply put our bending system in the hands of our robot ‘colleagues’. With their proven u...

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